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Science Fiction Does Not Require Grace

To be open-minded, in the way we generally define it, requires three things: imagination, empathy, and the willingness to accept you may be wrong. This is true whether you are being asked to accept two women getting married or whether you’re being asked to consider the idea that a sky-god actually did make the world in six days.

The writing of science fiction — the writing of most fiction — only requires imagination. That’s pretty much it. 

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    I agree. Imagination is a very powerful tool, especially if it’s tempered into a form that is deep and complex.
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    Much has been said about this essay. Sam himself has said (paraphrasing) ‘oh, God, I put so much work into making it...
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    I don’t think she’s really opposing it, and she made it clear that while she’s not happy with the article, she hadn’t...
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    No… Don’t see anything wrong with your article. Why on earth is Diane Duane opposing it? And isn’t it just about...
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    It’s basically saying that writers are people too, and some of them are assholes, but we just have to deal with that,...
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    For the record, I didn’t get that impression from it at all.
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    I find it funny that critics find sci-fi to not be “real” fiction. Granted my reading interests lie with the sci-fi and...
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