The Sundry Times

I just got an absolutely lovely fanmail from someone who had a horrible experience in a comics shop several years ago, but through reading about comics on Tumblr got interested again and went to a comics fair, where they had a great encounter with a collector who treated them like, you know, a human being.

They’ve started reading comics and participating in comics fandom because folks on Tumblr have put the word out about good books and helped people feel comfortable knowing what to read and ask for. This wasn’t necessarily a primary intent of mine but certainly has been a benefit. (In this case it was Captain Marvel and Hawkeye; the one-two DeConnick-Fraction knockout punch strikes again!)

Because of their awful previous experience, I wanted to remind everyone that the Hater Free Wednesdays tumblr, linked in the header, has notes on where to go and where not to go to get comics, in the US and around the world. It’s not just about where people can feel safe, but also where those of us who don’t generally have to worry about safety should go, to show them we appreciate them and that we want to spend our money where everyone can shop happily. 

And if you want some comic book primers, feel free to check out the sidebar on my page — there are essays there about everything from Fraction’s run on Iron Man to why everyone hates Reed Richards to how the multiple Marvel universes work. 

COMIC BOOKS: They’re for everyone! 

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