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Comic Book Stores And Sexism

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thanks copperbadge, I’m just behind and sad. I’m trying to pick up my last pull list because me local shop just shut down. Trying to find a new place because I don’t want to go back to the last place. Sexism should not be a part of comic shopping

That sucks :( I don’t know how wedded you are to paper comics, but ComiXology is the go-to place for digital, so I’ve heard. Might be a good stop-gap until you can find a new shop.

As you’re aware, sexism is unfortunately often a part of the experience for female comics fans, as much as we wish it weren’t and as much as people are working hard to change that. In my post about how to start reading comics I almost put a caveat about not going to comic book stores on Wednesday afternoon, because that is when I think it’s at its worst, but that seemed a little bit “don’t walk alone if you don’t want to be assaulted” and that’s not the message I want to convey. (The message is: MEN, STOP BEING DIPSHITS ABOUT COMICS, IT IS NOT YOUR PRIVATE NO GIRLS ALLOWED CLUB.)

If you’re comfortable, leave a comment letting me know what city you live in, and I’ll reblog it and we’ll see if we can’t find someone to recommend a shop where you can get your weekly dose of comics without a weekly dose of misogyny.

In the meantime, everyone, feel free to comment or reblog with recommendations for shops in your area where you’ve had positive experiences as female comic fans. I’ll aggregate the comments into a post at some point over the weekend.

I am not a female comics fans, but for my part in Chicago I’d like to recommend Chicago Comics on the north side and First Aid Comics on the south side. I can’t guarantee anything, but I’ve shopped at both places with female companions and haven’t seen them treated badly or had them complain to me later about the service at either place. (Chicago Comics is my regular shop, it’s bigger and has better selection.)

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    Seriously Newbury Comics is the best
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    AHAHAHAHA, YES!! They’re kind of hard to find, but the selection is MINDBLOWING, especially for a comics n00b like me....
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    WAIT, THAT’S A COMIC BOOK STORE??? I’ve been so freaking confused by that place on google maps for months now!! ’Cause...
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    Hey, comic book fans! There’s a new Tumblr blog where you can post/find comic book shops in your city where you can have...
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    The post that started this whole thing. Be sure to look at the notes, as many people shared places where they have had...
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    I was kind of thinking I’d do it, I need productivity. But if seek wants it, by all means!
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  10. laughingacademy said: NYC: I’ve been going to Forbidden Planet on Broadway (a couple of blocks south of Union Square) for years, and the staff is unfailingly friendly and helpful.
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    I haven’t ever had a sexist experience at a comic store yet, but maybe I’m just lucky.
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    It would be nice to have a regularly updated tumblr source, though. Fuck it, work’s been cancelled tomorrow because of...
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    same thing. Apparently Google has confused Illinois with the South Pacific; zoom out. (Also happy
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    It may be a coding issue for the site, because I was getting that too, and the hilarity of that did not occur to me...
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    Where in DC? I’d love to stop by. I’ll be around the Dupont circle area in the spring for school :)
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    COME TO FANTOM COMICS IN DC! I’m organizing our first monthly LADIES’ NIGHT! for February 17th because I love all the...
  18. sigmastolen said: Amazing Comics in Long Beach, CA, has been pretty good in my experience. I get a little uncomfortable just because I am me, but they have female employees and plenty of female customers, and I have never been hassled in or near the shop.
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    Portland, Oregon - Bridge City Comics. Although I’ve heard from others that every comic shop in Portland is pretty...
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    Ugh, don’t tempt me. I’m failing to run/being neglectful of like, four websites already.
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    Also in Chicago, I’ve only been to the three in the city proper, but I’ve had good experiences at Graham Cracker Comics....