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Lulu Dot Com: Good People, Good Books

all-four-cheekbones replied to your post: My Life!

Oh goodie, I was looking for your books, and all I could find on Amazon was The City War. And Rory Pond aside, I’m not really into Romans.

Yeah, Lulu used to sell through Amazon but that ended when Amazon installed their own self-pub device, CreateSpace.

I have to admit that while it might sell better on Amazon I prefer to publish through Lulu and code my own page at Wordpress for a number of reasons; for a start they allow me to host ePubs and PDFs for free if I want. Though I use Gutenberg to host the free PDFs, it’s a little less complicated than Lulu’s system.

Another reason is that Amazon has a weird covert homophobia/misogyny thing going on (for details google “amazon fail”, and yes it did happen in 2008, and yes I hold a grudge). Meanwhile, Lulu has in the past openly and proactively made statements about their pro-LGBT stance. In a happy coincidence Lulu also published this post on their blog just today, promoting a self-published photo book of gay and lesbian wedding pictures. 

ANYWAY. Books! If you guys are looking for something I have writ you can always ask me — I’m happy to link you to my work or discuss what I write. :) And if you have questions about selfpub, I can usually flail around helpfully.

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