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So, the day I board a train with no internet for five hours is of course the day that the writer of Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble reblogs my post about her husband’s five year stint writing Iron Man.

MY LIFE. *hands*

(By the way can we discuss how Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction coexist in one household? Do they have specially-constructed walls to contain the awesome? Do they actually live in Avengers Mansion?)

Anyway, welcome new readers over the past seven days, there have been rather a lot of you, I think most of you here from the Iron Man essay. As you may have noticed, this blog is composed of:

- Explaining comics to people even when I am frequently unclear on them myself (this works rather well, keeps things simple)

- Posting comic panels that I find entertaining

- Instagram photos of a) Chicago and b) My lunch

- Links to fanfic I write

Also sometimes I write books. They’re usually pretty harmless. You may enjoy them! Most of them are available for free in PDF if you click the “free books” link on the right.


  1. rexyrexaw said: I always love your “Oh! Something else of mine exploded, and now I have moar new followers. Well, welcome I guess” posts. I’ve seen a few of them. They always make me giggle. My fac welcome post was right after the lolcats!torchwood fic exploded :)
  2. this-girl-is said: Hey! This means we get to break out “Oh Sam”, but without you breaking yourself! *thumbs up*
  3. dreamwaffles said: at least it wasn’t lolcats this time?
  4. dreaminpng reblogged this from copperbadge and added:
    Ooh. I didn’t know you wrote books! I’ll have to check those out! :D
  5. waititsyu said: This post lead me to reread “other people can smell you” and I have to say, as a recent graduate/master’s ingress, I still have many colleagues who would benefit from it (though my professors would kill me for handing in a paper using “I x/y” statements).
  6. three-sixth said: I didn’t know your books were free. *cheers and goes to see what you have*
  7. thetrashiestoftrash said: Oh goodie, I was looking for your books, and all I could find on Amazon was The City War. And Rory Pond aside, I’m not really into Romans.
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