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Knottatwork: okay, i’d like to see livi vs. copperbadge on Tony Stark
mageflower: as would I
Knottatwork: because that would be kinda epic
mageflower: throwdown of the century
Livi: I will fight him
Livi: a la gulag
Livi: let’s do it


Wait, wait, “on Tony Stark”? Like Tony Stark trivia? Writing fanfic? Expressing general opinions? Posting hilarious comic book scans? Or, like…

Are you proposing a threesome?

Because I would probably say yes.

Honestly I think the last one would be true to the spirit of Tony Stark.

Or we could do duelling fanfics or general opinions, I think it’s duelling etiquette to let you pick the weapons.

I am glad you did not say trivia. I was thinking we’d have to find someone who knows as much as we do about Tony Stark, and I don’t have Stan Lee’s phone number.

I say duelling fanfics. Knotta, as the instigator of this madness, gives the prompt. Fair?

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    Fair. I’ll see you on the field of honour. (Knotta, remember who’s the Rhodey to who’s Tony, okay?)
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    *pops popcorn*
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    I’d watch that. (To be fair, I’d probably watch any Tony Stark threesome.)