I Stole It With The President

howshouldibegin replied to your post: The Brave Superhero List

I have something to admit. When I was going to uni, I always had this list posted in the middle of my door. Plus your version of the Boom De Yada song. :D


I love neologisms! I love morphology!
I love applied linguistics! And deep orthography!
I love all semiotics - and not just lexical!
Boom de yada, boom de yada, boom de yada, boom de yada…

I love vocabulary! Epistemology!
I love semantics! And bold tautology!
I love the Oxford English Dictionary!
Boom de yada, boom de yada, boom de yada, boom de yada…

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    OH GOD I haven’t watched that video in years. Lookit baby me!
  8. goodmorningvelma said: Oh god it’s baby me singing. *Hides face; is sekritly thrilled you’re still linking this*
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