The Sundry Times
The Avengers Drinking Game

Best played with beer if you value your liver. Otherwise, swapping out with water occasionally is wise.

Sip every time
The Tesseract is shown in a scene (not every time someone says Tesseract, we made that mistake. Though if you do that, it’s “Hardcore rules”)
Joss lovingly lingers on Captain America’s ass
Loki smiles his Sanest Man Alive smile
Fury makes sweeping dramatic statements
Tony nicknames someone
The Waitress Of Destiny shows up
Thor has hair*
Clint has arms*

* Open to interpretation. For example: obviously Clint always has arms, but in the first scene where he’s wearing a long-sleeved black shirt, he doesn’t have arms.

Drink every time
Anyone says “sentiment”
Tony is struck speechless
Coulson’s Captain America cards are discussed
Natasha references her sordid past

Double-drink when
Steve gets a reference
Bruce hulks out
Tony totals a suit
Loki tricks Thor
Coulson is stabbed
Tony jokes about performance issues
Hulk beats the shit out of Loki

When Stan Lee shows up, chug whatever’s left.

And of course, along with all of the above, Tony Stark’s personal motto: “Drink if feels.


When Loki yells KNEEL, yell ARMSTRONG!
When Tony says “That man is playing Galaga!”, yell HIGH SCORE!
When Tony mentions the big bag of weed, yell FOUR TWENTY!
When Coulson dies, yell YOU WILL BE AVENGED! (Then weep.)
When Clint says “Do you know what it’s like to be unmade” yell IS THERE SOMETHING ON MY FACE? (This is a reference to How It Should Have Ended.)

Knotta: This game is mean!
Meg: I think after this, when I’m fighting a headache, I’ll still love you all
Sam: That motherfucking tesseract.

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